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  • Why is 100% of your philanthropy focused on climate change mitigation?
    The climate emergency is the defining issue of our time, intersecting with every facet of life on earth. If we do not address the climate crisis now, all other issues will become irrelevant. That is why all of our giving is focused on climate action. Most of the initiatives that we support also integrate a holistic social lens. This applies especially to our work with farmers and behaviour change. Climate solutions must motivate their adopters. We understand that climate smart behaviour change cannot occur if the solutions do not align with individual economic drivers.
  • Can my organisation apply for a grant from Earthcare Foundation?
    At present ECF does not have an open application process. Only those invited to apply should do so.
  • How does EarthCare Foundation select grantees?
    Our grantees generally have a solid understanding of the local context, strong networks to reach intended beneficiaries, and mutually trusting and respectful relationships with the target communities. We share fundamental values related to ethical sustainability and living in harmony with nature, as well as a commitment to climate action and to improving the lives of our beneficiaries.
  • Is EarthCare Foundation involved in the design and implementation of programmes?
    We view our grantees as partners, and our staff work closely with partners at all stages of the development, implementation, and evaluation process. From designing strategy and interventions to implementing technical support and evaluation, we work collaboratively with our partners to ensure ethical and effective achievement of mutually held goals.


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