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We work towards a world where both people and nature can thrive

We support initiatives at the intersection of food systems, sustainable livelihoods and the environment


We believe that South-South cooperation is crucial to achieving sustainable development in Asia


We facilitate cross-border collaborations to identify mutual solutions for regional issues

Why we focus on climate and nature

Biodiversity and ecosystem loss and climate change are intertwined to humanity that must be addressed together.

A global majority now recognises the gravity and urgency of the dual biodiversity loss and climate crisises. Intersecting with every facet of life on earth. Most recently, we have all witnessed the myriad effects of climate change, from extreme heat waves to massive wildfires, from hurricanes to floods to droughts across the globe. If we continue to be complacent, such disasters will only increase in scale and frequency, threatening both the natural world and human life

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022 warns that the knock-on impacts of these disasters on poverty, food security, health, education,and more are threatening to reverse the gains that philanthropists, governments and NGOs have made over the past decades. To avert this risk, we use our philanthropic capital to fund initiatives that address climate change as well as the protection and restoration of natural habitats, whilst also benefiting local communities.

The vulnerability of people to climate change differs substantially among and within regions, driven by patterns of intersecting socioeconomic development, inequity, marginalization, and colonialism.

UN IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, 2022 

Climate change and loss of natural ecosystems hinders the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially in the Global South, which historically has contributed the least to climate change but is the most vulnerable to its impacts.

For these reasons, our philanthropy aims to address climate change through a nature positive and intersectional lens, to contribute to human well-being and community level adaptation.

To learn more about our intersectional approach to climate funding

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