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Evidence-Based Approach

At Earthcare Foundation, we have learnt through decades of experience that effectively changing human behaviour is crucial to combatting the climate emergency. Awareness-raising on its own does not lead to meaningful action. To optimise our grants, we apply a scientifically validated understanding of the core drivers of human behaviour to motivate change, delivering climate, social, and environmental impacts.

Scientifically Rigorous

We support interventions and technology that are backed by scientific research and are proven to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. We focus on climate super pollutants, which scientists have identified as the most urgent priority in the current decade.  

We measure the diverse impacts of our grantees’ interventions to ensure that we continue to learn from our efforts and expand our knowledge base.

We focus on funding solutions that deliver a direct, measurable climate impact. Our emphasis on behaviour change ensures the efficacy and efficiency of our work.


Behavioural Science

To curb climate change, we need behaviour change. We therefore turn to Behavioural Science, which has revealed over the past 60 years many surprising relationships between perceptions, beliefs, and actions. 

We apply behavioural science in all of the projects we fund, supporting our implementation partners to apply this knowledge to strengthen programme outcomes and maximise impact.

We also help environmental and conservation NGOs apply Behavioural Science principles to their existing programmes. 

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